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Where the hell is it?
Click here for the Tinsel Trail photos kindly donated by Kerry, The Baley Lout and Fish




26th to 28th June 2020


Nash Bash at Winchester






September 7-8

Shropshire, Long Mynde and probably Hopton woods

with Rasher and Eager Beaver


August 24th

10.30 for 10.45

Royal George, Birdlip

Ruthie & CTD will lead a ride from The George, Birdlip this Saturday, 10.30 for 10.45, it will be magnificent.  Xx


August 17th

10.30 for 10.45

The Royal William, Cranham

The Scrat is doing a ride:
Venue: Royal William, Cranham, GL6 6TT
Time: 10.30 for 10.45

This was a very technical ride with a less technical single track route led by Terry, which met up with the techy ride. And nit was techy! Great fun, we did a few runs off the Pub side of the hill before heading off to Teachers and then the downhill tracks off the bomb hole area. They were great. We had a derailleur disintegrate and Cabby's chains disappeared down the back of his cassettee never to be retrieved. Finished off with a whooping descent down the wall. Totally marvellous.


August 10th

10.30 for 10.45

The Haresfield Beacon

Haresfield GL10 3DX

Ride up to Stanley Woods for all the super single track. Should be fun.

Slightly slippery after a load of rain, but thoroughly enjoyable. We did the long climb up the road and then along the Cotswold Way before a tough climb up to the Single Track to Edge. Across the road and the quick descent before we whizzed along to the Tricky Dicky. Then the marked single track all the way down to the Quarry above Stonehouse and the chip shop run. Great so far. We headed back and found that wonderful single track right to the bottom track. Which meant a massive climb back up, pretty nasty. Across the common we went and then voted, footpath or down the road? Footpath was the vote so we tried it. Failed badly, footpath doesn't exist but a lot of sticky mud from the pipeline did, which totally scuppered Scrats and Bogman. Pub was great and we met up with Borange and Mandy.


August 3rd

10.30 for 10.45

BBQ with the Stravina

We have been invited by the lovely Ruth/Alice to join her and Adrian for a ride from her house followed by a BBQ this Sat 3rd August at 10.30 for 10.45.
You only need to bring booze if you want to, all food provided.

Great ride, huge climbs and some long exciting descents, loved it. Then the BBQ. Adrian cooked all the food and with all the salads and cakes it was smashing. The beer and red wine certainly took a toll.



July 27th

10.30 for 10.45

The Old Fox, Coaley

The St, Coaley, Dursley GL11 5EG

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Good pub, hopefully good ride

Fabulous conditions, only a few could make it due to holidays, but none the less it was smashing.

Around Silver Street, up the Knapp to the woods, taking the lower track and then cutting back up the Cotswold Way, around the Peak and then through the woods to Hetty Peglars.

We then proceeded to Coaley Peak, swooping down the descents on the escarpment before climbing up and doing all the single track to Penn Wood. I then took fishy down the black and met the rest down on the bottom track. It was then a single track blast along the bottom of the hill, then the climb back up the cotswold way. To the Goat Track and down the grassy valley to Sam's Farm. Then the pub and great food and beer and we sat out in the garden. Fabby.



July 13th

10.30 for 10.45

Ride Saturday 10:30 for 10:45

The new Stroud brewery GL5 2BY 

Led by the Bogman


June 29th

10.30 for 10.45

Royal George, Birdlip

Scratters has recovered and wants to ride, despite everyone being on holiday, selfish gits.

A smashing meander through the woods, 5 riders, 4 of whom were a bit ill, so gently gently. Good ride, I think it did us all the world of good.





June 21,22,23


Porlock with the Bogman

What a weekend!! Great weather, wonderful camp site. The rides over Exmoor were really really good. Well Done Boggy for all the work that went into this. Great company and great cakes.


June 15th

10.30 for 10.45

Hunters Hall

Maddog will take you on a muddy tour, dodging the rain.

Well how luck are we. No rain, started off on a lanesy ride, heading through Chavengne out to Cherrington, then risks that great bridlepath to Nags Head, which rode perfectly. So up to Hampton Fields, down to Avening and the Bear Hunt. Conditions being better than expected after torrential rain we decided to risk that wonderful single track back to Avening then headed to Nailsworth through the Farm and the next bit of exciting single track down to Weighbridge. Then it was a clamber back up through Horsley Woods to the pub. Great Ride.




May 17, 18,19


Another fabulous weekend, sold out in minutes, 450 very happy riders and party goers. £17k raised for charity. Amazing!!


May 11th

10.30 for 10.45

Bogman Fossy About

The Bogman is doing a ride from:
The Fossbridge Inn, GL54 3JS
10.30 for 10.45.



May 4th

10.30 for 10.45

Soraya's Pre-Birthday Ride

Also Fishy's Birthday! Slippery Fun/Fin.

Ok, we'll meet outside the Old Spot, probably in the Doctor's Car Park ready to depart at 12 noon.
Then after probably straight down to the party ignoring the temptation of the lovely Spot beer.
Big Ugly Mel Dog leading.


Ride was a bit of fun, great conditions again, small crew but just enough for a good ride. Boggy had a new bike out, lovely it is too, CTD new chainset, very exciting. Interesting ride taking in a vast range of surfaces, from the easy logging paths to technical single track and the breakheart quarry. Superduper.


Relive 'Old Spot Ride'



April 27th

10.30 for 10.45

The Half Way House, Kineton
Guiting Power, Cheltenham GL54 5UG

Scatters is taking us on a tour of the Cotswolds, bit of distance, nothing too technical.

Storm Hannah with an impact on Saturday morning, winds of 40-45mph, but did we care, did we hell. Most of the time we had it at our backs and we were even quicker than ever. Occasionally we would catch a side blast which would almost knock you off, exciting. A lovely ride of about 23 miles around the North Cotswolds, occasionally picking up the HONCS route, really nice ride. Three river crossings, fairly deep. The pub, food was very pretty and arty but lacked substance, first totally cash free pub we have visited, they must do something right as it was absolutely jammed.


Relive 'Halfway house, Kineton ride'


April 20th

10.30 for 10.45

Tipputts Inn, Nailsworth

Tiltups End, Stroud GL6 0QE

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Really enjoyable ride taking in a lot of different terrain, as the conditions were so good we managed a long and reasonably technical ride. Great company, bluebells, garlic wood anemones and wonderful views. The sun shone, all was well with the world. Smashing to have Steve and Mark join us, who blended in seamlessly. Highlights? Jonquil in the stingers and Soraya off twice. Meeting Tracey, Cath and Ellie in the pub afterwards. The pub was great, the food highly recommended.


Relive 'Morning Ride'


April 6th

10.30 for 10.45

The Old Fox, Coaley

The St, Coaley, Dursley GL11 5EG

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Good pub, hopefully good ride

Good conditions again. We climbed up and around the Bury, then onto the Penn wood single tracks, descending to near Kings Stanley then back along the bottom track and eventually to the Picnic Park. A blast down the goat track and down the grassy valley to the Farm.

Another great day out. Good food, smashing beer, great company

Relive 'Cranks from fox Coaley'



March 30th

10.30 for 10.45

The Rising Sun, Moseley Green, FOD

2 Moseley Green, Parkend, Lydney GL15 4HN

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Just a fun ride, with swoopy bits... Technicality dependent upon who turns up.

A grand adventure, good conditions, we did the lot. Heading to Bungalow at Staple Edge, then descending what I think is Viper 2, but is probably called something else, then we climbed up directly to Viper 1. We did a circuit and ended back up at the Bungalow for one that was marked S1, all great fun. Ali and Soraya did brilliantly, for Soraya I think this was the first time she had hit anything as technical as this on the new bike.

Over to the Tramway and finishing off on that fab track, the Big Pig and back to the pub.

A fab day!


March 23rd

10.30 for 10.45

Lady Alice Birthday Ride

The Pheasant, Toddington, Cheltenham GL54 5DT

A lovely day and a lovely ride. Started really well with Lady P H Alice baking a delightful cake, and there was us believing that she didn't possess a kitchen. It was edible, probably a Paul Holywood handshake. We tootled off around the lanes, there was shooting in the distance and very soon there was an explosion right next to us, The Fish had detonated his rear tyre, impressive. A long climb up that bridleway to the top where we all regrouped, giving Lady A a chance to play on Soraya's E bike, big smiles, think she liked it. Then we were away again towards Snowshill, a short experiment through the woods tripped me up and caused an inversion. Bogman thought that my new blue shoes waving in the air were bluebells. After everyone had recovered from pisstaking we carried on along the way. Here I was concerned whether we were altogether and looked around, consequently slpping of the track and falling on my back, repeat the previous sentence.

So onwards, great descent and then across past horses practicing their jumps and the climb back up to meet the Cotswold Way, another great descent to the pub and Adrian, Jonquil and Betty. Past the vintage railway that was doing good business. Pub was good, packed and the food was top notch. Great day out thank you all.


March 16th

10.30 for 10.45

Stirrup Cup, Bisley with CTD

Cheltenham Road, Bisley, Bisley, Stroud GL6 7BL

Saturday 16th from the Stirrup Cup, Bisley, must be away by 10.45 or earlier if possible, to be back by 1.30 for food.  CTD.  Waterproofs may be required!!

Well what a ride, Soraya was out on her new beast which she tamed and showed it who was boss. That Babe Woger rolled in from Swindon, with his idiot proof bike carrier, that he couldn’t work, perhaps not idiot proof then.
We were dreading this ride with the forecast so bad, but it was actually really good weather. We had a side blast on one hill and a bit of head wind on a short track back to the pub, very good indeed with sun as well.Good mix of terrain, sensible in the muddy conditions, the offroad was good though and even that muddy field up from Slad was ridable. Great fun on the slippery track by Througham. Thoroughly enjoyable ride, thank you Maggie.

Relive 'Morning Ride'


March 9th

10.30 for 10.45

The Royal Oak, Andoversford, GL54 4HR

Scraters is taking us on a tour, will it be a bore or a double score.

My bike has never been so muddy. Very high winds, when we were on top of the hill it very nearly knocked us over. Fishy had a puncture. Childish Ian and Ruth took great pleasure in hiding my gloves and later on riding over them.There was great delight in splashing each other through the lake like puddles. Cabby was clagged up which gave us all the chance to have a lie down in the sun, sheltered from the wind. Jonquil recovering from a knee op was waiting for us at the pub and bought me lunch and beer. Good dirty fun.

Relive 'Royal Oak with scraters in the mud'


March 2nd

10.30 for 10.45

The New Inn, Waterley Bottom

Cabby would like you all to meet Les at The New Inn, Waterley Bottom, a legandary landlord.

Venue: New Inn, Waterley Bottom, North Nibley, Dursley GL11 6EF
Time: 10.30 for 10.45
Saturday, March 2nd.

It was a dry day and an interesting route that The Cab settled on. Taking us to Wotton, Synwell, Wortley, Alderley, Tresham, Dursley. It was Mike's first outing and the 2nd ride for his new bike, after we had tightened his handlebars everything was fine. Mags and Ali kept our spirits up with jelly beans and jelly babies. A jolly good day out and then we went back and met Les, who was in one of his jovial moods, which spelled trouble.

Eddie and Soraya joined us in the pub after, Eddie with hamstring problems, had ham egg and chips to fix that, and Soraya was joyous with her new electric bike.

Md, Jq, Cab, Ali, Mike, Scrat, Fish, CRD, Bretonwitch, Vile, Kath.

Relive 'Morning Ride'



Feb 23rd

10.30 for 10.45

Red Lion, Chalford

CTD is going to show us the delights of the Chalford area and the interesting Red Lion pub.



Feb 16th

10.30 for 10.45

Old Crown, Uley

Hello, the news you all have been waiting for:

Saturday's ride will be from The Old Crown, Uley.
10.30 for 10.45
Your humble leader; Mr Dog.

What a lovely sunny day, a small but perfectly formed group of us entered the woods at Shadwell and took in the Dursley woods, coming back to lampern and owlpen. Fun had but all. Eddie was stumped, over the handle bars he went, only Mags witnessed it though.


Feb 2nd

10.30 for 10.45

The Britannia Inn, Nailsworth

OK I know everyone has gone bloody skiing, except for a ramshackle few of us. So we are going to have a super ride:

Venue: The Brittania, Nailsworth. There is parking behind the pub, you will pass parking before you reach the pub and there is the Comrades Club parking.

Meet: We'll meet outside The Brit.

Lead by Stinky Dog


We had a smashing ride from Nailsworth on Saturday, beautiful snowy day, powder like conditions on the top. Broken handlebars and a broken chain were not the highlights. The pump track was exciting with ice on it and we welcomed Ali's return by pummelling her with snowballs. Fishy looked a bit shocked as a snowball disappeared down the back of his shirt, now he knows what it feels like to be a fish at a fishmongers, covered in ice.

Relive 'Nailsworth cranks in the snow'


January 19th

10.30 for 10.45

The Hunters Hall, Inn

Kingscote, Gloucestershire GL8 8XZ

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Scenic tour of the locality, should be fun.

Fabulous ride, taking in exciting downhill single track, slipping, sliding, whooping and laughing. Some tough climbs, especially with the mud topping. Swooping down the Ozleworth Valley and a bit of Lampern. Gave up with the pub and had a great welcome at the Rose and Crown. All in all a great day out.

Relive 'Hunters Hall with the Cranks'





January 12th

10.30 for 10.45

The Rising Sun, Moseley Green, FOD

2 Moseley Green, Parkend, Lydney GL15 4HN

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Just a fun ride, with swoopy bits... Technicality depends upon who turns up.

Great ride, taking in Viper 2, Tramway, Big Pig and a broken Dr Johns. Pub great as usual. Worth turning up to see The Scratch fall over a twig. The conditions were the best.


Relive 'Morning Ride'


January 5th

10.30 for 10.45

1st Ride of 2019

?The Scrat is doing a ride:
Venue: The George, Birdlip, Gloucester GL4 8JH
Date: January 5th 2019
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.

Oh... Happy New Year. Hope your celebrations aren't too painful tomorrow.

Ride report: This was a super ride, taking us through Birdlip, Cranham, King and Queens wood and Sheepscombe, through Painswick leading us back via Cranham to Birdlip. Ali has now made 100% of all rides in 2019, well done. She did really well, tackled all the tricky stuff with very little screaming. Cath was back to fitness after a nasty chest infection, handled all hills and technical excellently. Ian was crap, as was Scraterley, Fish and Cabby. Mel was exceptional. No falls of any note, Scatters managed to wrap a spoke around his cassette, not very easy to do this. Boggy and Splashy were ill but made the pub... hmm a likely tale.


Dec 28th

10.30 for 10.45

The Belly Buster!

Merry Christmas you tarts!!

The Belly buster will be fun and you will enjoy it, or else!

Venue: The Beckford Inn, Beckford (yes you know where it is)
Date: December 28th, 2018.
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.
Headsets: A girl called Malice and the lovely Jonquil.


Up Bredon Hill we went, the long gravel wide track, then on reaching the top of this, flat out back down, great! We then travelled across and to parkland and climbed a long tarmac track before reaching the summit. From here we crossed to the woods and down the techy descent and a muddy climb back up. Visited the Elephant and Castle for Sloe Gin and Christmas cake, which we shared with some other weird cyclists. Met a bloke with more goldy bling on his bike than Vealy. Then cirumnavigation of the hill with interesting lumps and ramparts and a big descent, where I nearly had to jump over a dog. Fab.


Dec 22nd

10.30 for 10.45

Pre-Christmas excuse for not cleaning the house, wrapping presents, shopping, writing/delivering cards, etc. etc.

Splash Test Dummy will take us on a mud free ride, from the least muddy pub in Gloucestershire!

Venue: The Daneway, Sapperton
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.

Despite having reservations about riding from one of the muddiest pubs in the area, it was great. Maggie worked out a really good route with very little mud, not easy considering the amount of rain we had had recently.

Top marks!!




Friday Dec 14th 2018, 7 pm


Tinsel Trail

Here we go, the final details:
FANCY DRESS THEME: Christmas songs. Please bring print out of words so we can sing the song. Ideas: Little Donkey, Holly & Ivy, We 3 kings etc.
We are riding in Ross,
Ride to start at 7pm from Ali & Mike's House, we are will also stay at Mike & Ali's see address:
The Beeches, Brampton Abbotts, Ross on Wye, HR9 7JD.
You can arrive from 4pm for tea and cake, (please bring cake if you can).

Those without campers can sleep in house and park cars down at village hall, (200 metres). If you are sleeping in the house please bring sleeping bags.
Bigger camper vans will need to park down in village hall car park as limited space on drive.
No hook up at village hall, some at house if you have a long lead.

After going to a few pubs and annoying locals with singing we will return to Ali & Mike's for food that will be paid for by Cranks. Cranks funds will also buy booze to have when get back to Ali and Mike's.
Please bring your camping plates and cutlery and camping chairs if you have them to sit on to eat
When you reply to tell me you are coming I will contact you to discuss what food you can bring to contribute to the evening meal. Please reply before 23rd Nov.

Saturday Breakfast will be provided by Cranks.

Cranks ride: Saturday 10.30am around the trails and hills of Ross.



Nov 24th

10.30 for 10.45

The Mill Race

The Bogman and Splash Test Dummy's ride on Saturday is:
Venue: The Mill Withington GL54 4BE
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.

See you all there for fun and frollicks. I remember Yob washing his bike in the stream here, let go and it floated away down river.

Good ride taking in Chedworth and surrounding areas, not sure where I was most of the time. The rain did get a bit cold and we were glad to get back to the pub. Babe was with us, and I bet he wishes he wasn't.

Great pub, food excellent, beer good, roaring log fire and jovial owners.



Dec 8th

10.30 for 10.45

Grape ride from the Vine Tree

Venue: Vine Tree, Randwick, Stroud GL6 6JA
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.
Tonto trail finder:  The Dog


Nov 17th

10.30 for 10.45

Cabby’s Fleecey Ride

Cabby wishes to take you out for a tour from Rodders and Karen's pub; The Fleece at Hillesley.

Time: 10.45 for 11.00am
Date: Saturday 17th Dec
Venue: The Fleece, Chapel Lane, Hillesley GL12 7RD

Tour guide: Cabby.



Nov 10th

10.30 for 10.45

Pleasant Presbury Promenade

Venue:Venue: The Plough, Mill St, Prestbury, Cheltenham GL52 3BG
Ride person: Ian Vile
Time: 10.30 for 10.45am.



Nov 3rd

10.30 for 10.45

Nibley meanderings

Venue: The Black Horse, North Nibley, 1 Barrs Ln, North Nibley, Dursley GL11 6DT
Ride person leader/hero: Mdog
Time: 10.30 for 10.45am.

Beautiful autuminal ride around Westridge, Lacombe, Lampern and Stancombe. Brilliant riding from Cathy and Ali, 2nd ride on the new bike and probably second ride in 2 years.

All let down a bit by Cathy coming off on a Pebbles. Ali falling off due to a twig and Scratterly just falling off blaming a stationery rider. What is the matter with them all?

Relive 'Black Horse Ride'




October 20th

10.30 for 10.45

Bogmans Piss up in a brewery, can he do it?

I will lead a ride on the 20th from Stroud Brewery GL5 2BU at the usual time, it will be an easy pre-holiday ride, no tecky stuff but a couple of climbs, a T stop for Mike followed by beer and Pizza at the brewery.

It turns out the question should have been, can Bogman organise a pizza in a brewery


September 29th

10.30 for 10.45

Dog Daze ride from Nympsfield

Venue: The Rose and Crown, Nympsfield (recently reopened)
Time: 10.30 for 10.45

The ride:

Relive 'Morning Activity'




Fri 21st - Sun 22nd



Brecons exploration, wild tracks Sat, man made stuff on Sunday.


Relive 'River Crossing Ride'


August 30th to Sept 2nd


Shropshire Weekend Gurt Fun

Maryke and Robin have picked the weekend of 30/8-2/9/18 to go have fun on our bikes.
They are planning the routes, Hopton Woods which is a red route and suitable for all will be one of the days.

The Campsite is:

You do not need to book a camping/camper space as site huge. There are a few hook-ups available which may be worth trying to book if you cant live without it.

Address: Brow Farm Campsite
Brow Farm Campsite, Shrewsbury,, Ratlinghope, Shrewsbury SY5 0SR

Same format as last year:
Friday Night:
Pub: The Bridges is 10 mins walk from site. We will go here Friday night.for food. Take a torch for the walk back.

Sat Day: Ride from site.

Sat Night: Weather permitting we will do BBQ if you can bring your own BBQ and food. I will bring our quick put up gazebo.
We can hire fire pits from site so bring wood if want a fire.

Sunday: Ride from site.

There is a shuttle bus, every hour, from outside the site to Church Stretton for those not riding.

If I have missed anything then shout.

It is hilly around there so get training.


August 18th

10.30 for 10.45

Alan and Terry are doing a techie, flowing ride from

The Royal William, Cranham

on Saturday 18th meeting at 10.30 leaving at 10.45.

There is a Beer and Cider festival at the pub for the weekend. with Robbie, Elton, and Freddie Mercury with them .

There will be a gin bar too and BBQ and snack shack. All monies raised towards the Sue Ryder. Free entry.



10.30 for 10.45

Ride with Ruthy Babe

George, Birdlip


July 21st

10.30 for 10.45

The Scrat is doing a longish ride next Sat 21st from Halfway house Kineton, usual start 10.30 for 10.45.


July 14th

10.30 for 10.45

The tea girls take the lead:

Saturday 14th July
Time: 10.30 for 10.45.
Venue: The George, Birdlip.



July 7th

10.30 for 10.45

The Rising Sun, Moseley Green, FOD

2 Moseley Green, Parkend, Lydney GL15 4HN

The Ferret and Ashley are our guests of honour, thanking them for showing around the Quantocks many times.

A fun, but technical ride around the Forest. Similar in techyness as the Quantocks ride.

Your leader.... Big Mel.

Well after a lot of messing around and misreading the garmin app, this is what the ride should have looked like, but I don't think it did:

Relive 'Rising sun, ride with sam'




22 -24


Porlock adventure time

With Bogman and Splash Test Dummy

Saturday ride:

Relive 'Morning Walk'

 Sunday ride stops at tea shop amazing descent:

Relive 'Porlock Sunday ride'



January 16th

10.30 for 10.45

Eastcombe ride

Venue: The Lamb, Eastcombe
 Dr Crouch’s Road, Stroud GL6 7DN

Trail master: Crash/Splash Test Dummy


Saturday June 9th

10.30 for 10.45 leave

The Fish wants us to 'hook up':

Date: Saturday, June 9th.
Venue: Royal William, Cranham, GL6 6TT
Time: 10.30 for 10.45
Terrain: Most excellent.
Conditions: Superb

Our route:

Relive 'Morning Ride'




May 17/18/19


Heaven of the South

Brilliant weekend, great rides and raised £15,000+ for charity.




May 12th

10.30 for 10.45

Nailsworth Adventure

Venue: Egypt Mill, Nailsworth, GL6 0AE

Time: 10.30 for 10.45

Big Wheel: Mel

Relive 'Morning Ride'




May 5th

10.45 for 11.00

Ride from Gloucestershire's Camra Pub of the Year

Yep, Rodders and Karen have won this wonderful recognition of the hard work they have undertaken since taking over the Fleece at Hillesley.

More info: It has been announced that The Fleece had been awarded Gloucestershire CAMRA Pub of the Year (building on our Dursley and District award) - another phenomenal achievement that the whole team is so proud of. Join us at 3pm on Saturday May 5th for the presentation, followed by live music.
Live Music At The Fleece

Time: 10.45 for 11.00am
Date: Saturday 5th May
Venue: The Fleece, Chapel Ln, Hillesley GL12 7RD

Tour guide: The Dog


April 28th

10.30 for 10.45

Royal Oak, Andoversford with The Scrat

Venue: The Royal Oak, Andoversfold, GL54 4HR

Our Leader: The Scrat.


Relive 'Andoversford Royal oam'


April 21st

10.30 for 10.45

Daneway, Sapperton

Bogman would very much like to lead a ridge from The Daneway, not a bad idea really.
Venue: The Daneway, Sapperton, GL7 6LN
Time 10.30 for 10.45.
Should be gloriously sunny, great pub for sitting outside in the sun, throwing insults.
see ya


March 24th

10.30 for 10.45

The Old Spot, Dursley

Dust those bikes off and get down to Dirty Dursley!
Ride from The Old Spot
10.30 for 10.45.

Its really muddy out there are the mo, but we can work a drier route from here. It might be less technical but fairly long. Depends on conditions and my mood on the day.



March 10th

10.30 for 10.45

The Mill Lane Clamber

The next ride will be:
Venue: The Plough, Prestbury
Time: 10.30 for 10.45
Leader: The local hooligan or Lady Alice




February 24th

10.45 for 11.00

Ruth/Wolf/Alice's Ride

Sat ride is from 

The Pheasant, Toddington 10.45 for 11 off. 




February 17th

10.30 for 10.45

The one is a collector's item, an O'Brien ride!

Sat ride is from 

Prince of Wales
Walford Rd, 

Food served all day

Mixture of road and off road tracks trying to stay away from muddy fields




February 3rd

10.30 for 10.45

Come and ride with Cabby

Venue: The Black Horse, North Nibley, GL11 6DT

Trail master: Cabby


January 20th

10.30 for 10.45

Eastcombe ride, so the crash test dummy can join us on crutches

Venue: The Lamb, Eastcombe
 Dr Crouch’s Road, Stroud GL6 7DN

Trail master: Bogman


January 13th

10.30 for 10.45

Best mud avoidance tracks wot I know

Venue: The Old Crown, Uley
17 The Green, Uley, Dursley GL11 5SN

Trail master: The Dog



January 6th


Mudguard and Mini's pre wedding ride

I know a lot of you are away skiing and what have you.
Those who are able to attend this please let me know as soon as you read this... please.

Meet 1.30 for a pint in the Red Lion in Westbury, The Village, Bell Ln, Westbury-on-Severn GL14 1PA (where Rob lives)
Ride around a few pubs and end up at an indian restaurant, either Little Dean or White Hart at Broad Oak.

The ride will be entirely on road.


Really lovely scenic lanes ride taking in 4 excellent bars finishing with excellent food in the White Hart at Broadoak. Great day.


December 28th

10.30 - 11.00

Belly Buster!

Venue: The Royal William, Cranham

Will be led by a various hares who at various times know where they are.

Desperately seeking drier trails


December 16th

About 10.30 - 11.00

Hangover ride and Christmas nosh upg!

Leave Brownshill and meet At The Ship, Brimscombe for a hilly ride with Mags, or a flattish easy ride with Eddie then back to the pub for nosh at 1.00pm.

All meals must be booked and paid for in advance with the Bogman, contact him if you haven't... quickly!


December 15th


Tinsel Bash!

Venue: Frith Youth Centre at Brownshill
The Parish Centre, 50 Geralds Way, Chalford, Stroud GL6 8FJ

Santa Clause pub ride with food at one stop. More details contact the Bogman.

6pm tea and cakes, 7pm the ride starts


December 8th

10.30 for 10.45

The Rising Sun, Moseley Green, FOD

All the fun stuff.


November 25th

10.30 for 10.45

The George Inn, Birdlip.

Techy ride around Cranham with the Scrats.


November 18th

10.30 for 10.45

The George Inn, Birdlip.

Tour of the woods around Cranham, Birdlp, Sheepscombe and Slad


November 11th

About 10.30 - 11.00

Ride with Maggie

Venue: The Ship Inn, Brimscombe.

Hilly ride taking in Eastcombe, Slad, Elcombe, Chalford


October 21st

11.30 am

Mike and Ali are doing a lanes ride and then back to their place for a social. Crash space and van parking available.

Bring your own booze.

All food is sorted so don't worry about that.

Walk on Sunday morning, so take boots if you want.


The Beeches, Brampton Abbotts, Ross on Wye HR9 7jd



Past Rides 2016

January 9th

Meet 10.30

departing at 10.45

The Scratmeister did a ride from The Royal William, Cranham

Report: A truly exciting ride, very cleverly worked out and thoroughly enjoyable.

The whole of Gloucestershire was covered in mud and murk but The Scrats worked out a very clever route. Firstly he took us up to Painswick Beacon, over the top and round the techy paths round the back, crossing the road for a whizz along some good single track, fun. We lost Bob here early doors with a seized pedal, so off he went to meet Jonquil in Stroud who was watching the Mummers festival.

Off the single track and down to Painswick past the Rococo Gardens, crossing through Painswick we saw Bob disappearing sadly through the traffic lights with his bike on the back of the van.

Through the Painswick lanes and then we climbed up to Bulls Cross for a quick trip through the woods there. Soon we were out and heading to Sheepscombe along that bridlepath that skirts the woods.

Down and up heading to the Butchers Arms, but no risking tempation The Scrats took us right and then up the bridlepath that eventually leads us past the Lords and Ladies wood and back to Cranham.

Then back to the pub, Jq, Md, Lady Alice, Ian, Kath, CTD, Bob, Fish, Scrats, Terry, First ride for Steve, Mudguard, Cabby

A very well thought out ride.

Saturday January 16th Meet at 10.30 for 10.45 departure.

Vealey's Ride - its the Veal Deal.
The Craven Arms
Brockhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 5XQ

Another ride in atrocious conditions everywhere in Gloucestershire. But we were riding from one of our favourites pubs, so it was looking good!

Off we went through the lanes heading for Cleeve Hill, soon we will making the ascent. Once up on the hill there were golfers and walkers everywhere, I think it was the first decent day for about a month. We even had some sun. We had a technical trip around the workings, looking across at the Wash pool which Vealey tells us is unridable at the moment.

We then cut across to the trig point and along the escarpment with fabulous views across 3 or 4 counties, Paul Beaches was very informative if you could be bothered to listen.

Along the ups and downs and a bit of single track before we clamber up through the woods and weaving back to the road. We then past the second trig point on the hill

Then it was along the wide bridle path through the field, bit of a race along here, avoiding the puddles and across the next run and the great slippery decent back to Brockhampton.

Another great pub, good food, the beer here is first class, Jq, Md, Lady Alice, Ian, Kath, CTD, Fish, Scrats, Terry, Mona, Cabby

Again an excellent ride avoiding all the treacherous mud, nice one.

Saturday January 30th Meet at 10.30 for 10.45 departure.

The Bell at Avening, GL8 8NF
with MD
If the weather closes in then we can shorten the ride and spend more time in the pub!
Directions: Go through Avening, stop at the pub.
Street parking only, a lot of people park opposite the pub and down the road, there’s plenty of room.

Rain and high winds all week and then on this Saturday calm and sunny, it was a splendid day with a chilly wind.

Up the hill we went on that bridlepath alongside Gatecombe house, coming out at Little Hampon (sound like Ian).

We crossed and went past the new rugby club now using a field they were allowed to buy from Princess Anne, occasionally Zara's old man plays for them. Here we turned left along the lane and onto the first piece of bridlepath, good condition, through the farm we went and onto the Minch to Ciren road, crossed here and went right and next left onto another bridlepath, that I was worried about, we voted to try it and it was fine, had to pedal quite hard but ok. We used the road then through Frampton Mansell heading to Sapperton, along here we entered the woods via a drainage ditch and picked up some delightful single track that meandered up and down and around the woods until we eventually rolled in by the Daneway Inn, which is being renovated.

After a breather we then climbed up the hill and entered Bathhurst's woods, again on good tracks we whizzed around the woods and then tried some tricky single track, which most managed, I think only Kath bruised her bum on her birthday, that can't be right.

Then a wet climb out of the woods back to Frampton Mansell, past the pub and back to the main road, before turning right onto the bridlepath, which was 75% great conditions, 25% difficult. Then we retraced our tracks back to the pub.

Jq, Md, Lady Alice, Ian, Kath, CTD, Fish, Scrats, Terry, Mona, Babe, Bogman, Cabby

Great pub, great food, great beer. I was happy.


February 13th

10.30 for 10.45 prompt

The Crash Test Dummy (Mags) a lovely tour of the Stroud Valleys.

The Old Neighborhood, Chalford, 10.30 for 10.45 prompt start. They serve meals until slightly later, and a better starting point.
Different landlord to our tinsel bash food disaster. It was about 2°C.

No deliberate easy riders arrived at the pub, so we went headed to France Lynch and down through the Chalford woods to Chalford Village bottom, giving our faces a good splattering on that descent. The we jumped onto the canal path and headed to The Lavendar Cafe, where we could see where Jonquil parked the van to walk Blaize and Betty along the canal path. No easy riders were waiting for us here either, Mona was disappointed but faced up to the task in hand and decided that she was in for the full ride. Eddy had joined us for his first ride for a while. We set off along the canal path to Stroud, passing JQ and the dogs en route, which drove them mad. Along we whizzed, beautiful it was wedged between the River Frome and the Stroud Canal, the work that has been done on the canal was very impressive, especially the new lock gates. Chugging along with Cabby a Dabchick sudden popped up in the water, a beautiful little bird, don't often see them.

Maggie had warned us about the flooded two path, but we all decided that we would push on and ride through it. It was touch and go squeezing underneath a canal bridge, not being able to see the canal bank everyone dragged their shoulders against the brick. Luckily we all made it and splashed through the flood for quite a while, the water was quite deep and some waterproof socks failed miserably. We spotted a dipper along here. Mags had set a loop in flour over the railway and up the hill for a loop, most of us climbed up the near vertical slope and along the quiet lane at the top. Then a technical deeply rutted descent which everyone made, quite easily, except for Ian, who became frightened and let his tyre down so he had an excuse to push down it. Soon we were in Stroud.

After a breather by the lock we headed along the cycle path to Nailsworth. A very competitive runner came running towards her, he wan't looking at where his was going, in trying to avoid him there was almost a head on, if she was a sweary mary there would have been fireworks. When we reached Nailsworth we stopped to regroup and saw a magnificent Grey Heron flyer low over us. Then it was up to Box and Minchinhampton via Scar Hill, over the Common and back down to Chalford . Where we stopped by the large Mill Pond and saw two Kingfishers. Soon we were clambering up Chalford Hill to the pub.

We covered some distance, climbed a lot of very steep hills, saw a lot of water and wild life. It was great.

Those who attended: Mags, Ed, Ian, Kath, Cab, Ter, Al, Mel, JQ, Fish, Mona




February 20th

10.30 for 10.45 leave

Cabby took us for an adventure in South Glos, lots of exciting trails and most likely a bit of a journey.
Meet at The Black Horse, North Nibley

The weather was to have been better than in recent weeks, sorry I mean months, forecast was intermittent light showers and wind, sounds ok!

We met and had a short wait for The Scrat who had set off without his cycling shoes. Terry was doing a bus adventure to get to the pub, the challenge was to arrive at about 2pm, asthma reasons.

So a smallish group assembled in the car park prior to riding, Eddie trying his hand at a second ride since his knee injury, Jonquil left with Betty the dog for a walk, as she is recovering from knee surgery, a few were on holiday so 8 of us set out up the steep bridle path to the Tyndale Monument. We played around the West woods for a while, sampling some of the vast array of single track up there, which was fun. Then it was off to the London Road and the descent down to the road via the technical bridle path, nice. From here we descended through Coombe and then up to Blackquarries hill, that is a big bloody hill, we passed some Cotswold Way walkers on the ascent. Breather at the top and the walkers passed us by as we crammed jelly babies into our mouths.

The wind picked up, the light rain became a power hose with the wind behind it. After the recover we followed the Cotswold Way and shot down the fabulous descent down to Watledge. From here we headed back along the Uzzleworth valley, where we saw two quite big very energetic weasels. Through the electric gates and up to Ozzleworth gate house. From here we went past the tower and to Whiteway, then into the woods and followed the top track to the top of Whiteway Hill. I was then down the Waterley Bottom and back along the Lane to the pub.

Jolly good ride, quite chilly and slippery, three big hills, good work Cabby!

Ian, Kath, Cabs, Scrats, Mag, Ed, Mel, Jq


March 12th

10.30 for 10.45

Ride from Old Spot Dursley arrive 10.30 leave 10.45.
There will be 2 rides, Mel will be leading main ride and Jonquil will take riders to do easy ride, driving in convoy, up to top of hill.

What a super day, sunshine, no rain! warmth, never known anything like it. With several people away and more going skiing the next day we weren't expecting big numbers, but we had a good crew turn up.

Jonquil and Soraya drove to the top of the hill, meanwhile the rest of us gasped up the steep road past the Old Spot and into the woods, we ambled through the 200m of anticipated clag, then began the climb up to the Golf Club House, not a bad climb in dry conditions. We met back up with Jq and S here and continued on an anticlockwise route around the golf course. A diversion down through the first wood, following a hidden piece of single track and then coming back round over the rooty track, challenging, good for honing your root technique, it gave Roger something to moan about, he was running out of things to talk about. Then we continued our trip around the course, the view was quite misty so couldn't make out the Forest of Dean or the Brecons. Another rooty piece of single track through the wall and a climb back up. We rejoined JQ, S and Dr Doolittle at the bus stop viewing hut. So far so good.

We then continued around the course, passing the blonde walking girl for the third time, we must have started annoying her, then some angry walkers, Scratters got an earful, he demonstrated his people skills by totally ignoring them, best way, they then ignored my breezy welcome, so rude. Then it was back into the woods and we wiggled through on the way to Breakheart. A few of us decided to take the fab descent with the three jumps and into the bombholes. I demonstrated what Ian had done a couple of years earlier by not going quite quick enough over one of the jumps, which would have been ok, had they not just dug out the back of the jump to make it bigger and left a ditch that I couldn't miss. So a big crash, bike vertical throwing me off into a heap, luckily I didn't get hit in the teeth again. Scrats and Cabby really appreciated this.

Then onto breakheart, where we again met up with Jq and S and had a play around the top of the quarry. Then it was the Polty single track, very good, Ruth and Roger experienced a bit of difficulty on the huge berms but came down smiling and happy. Until we did the big climb back out.

At the top we decided that the pub was calling so back we went via some more jumps and a steep bombhole.

Moana joined us in the pub. A really good day, thank you everybody whoi turned up.

Scrats, Ruth, Fish, Mags, Soraya, Roger, Jack, Cabby, Mel, JQ (Moana)


March 26th

10.30 for 10.45

Lady Alice's ride:

From the The Pheasant Inn, Toddington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5DT

Pub’s under new management…. will they still call Lady Alice, Lady Alice? Its was worth turning up to find out.

The forecast was shocking, but the Lady Alice used her influence and blew away the rains, but the blowing part remained, very strong winds.

Pebbles made a birthday cake for Me Lady's birthday, which soon disappeared, good way to start a ride, get those carbs down ya.

We headed down the road towards Cheltenham and turned off left to Didbrook and followed the lanes around past Hailes Fruit Farm and the Caravan site. Shot guns echoed around the valley, we were very close to them, but no-one died fortunately. It sounded like shotgun tennis. We then clambered up the long steep bridlepath to the top of the hill, catching Moaner and Soraya at the top. Pebbles did well on her first proper cranks ride since the knee op.

Then along the lanes towards Kineton, along the route we passed the massive new mansion house and expansive grounds, apparently the cost of creating something like this is £68m, impressive, which is the whole point. At times we felt the full force of the gale force winds, which blew you sideways, and when you had it as a headwind it was almost impossible to make progress.

We came down a muddy bridleway, meeting a road, here we left Soraya as we did an offroad loop, we came to the crossroads where we expected to meet, but no Soraya, we panicked and rang her a few times. Soraya rode brilliantly staying the course for the whole ride. Then deciding to see if she had pushed onto Guiting Power we started riding again, then in the distance chugging up hill we could see her. So we did another offroad loop and eventually met her coming down a bridlepath the wrong way.

Then we headed to the top of the Snowshill Road and headed to the smashing rocky downhill to the Stow road, which was great fun, especially as Vealey had a snake bite at speed and nearly came a cropper. We left him and went to the pub.

Smashing Ride. Then in the pub we were treated to meeting Ruth's brother and sister in law, who were really nice, surprisingly.

L Alice, Geoff, Mike, Ali, Fish, Cabby, Mel, JQ, Mags, Eddie, Moaner, Ian, Kath, Martini


The Cat and Custard Pot with Mr Fish


Foston's Ash with The Bogman

June ??  

Tipputts Inn with Maddog and Jq.

Before we left we noshed some merangues that Maggie made for Jonquil's birthday, lovely they were too.

We have a lovely ride, across the bridlepath and up to Chavenage, conditions good, fast and flowing. Along through the Avenue of trees and then along the bridlepath to Beverstone, which was almost hidden, but we made it out.

Pausing at the castle to wonder at its magnifience, we then carried along the road to Tetbury and then used the bridlepath to Chavenge Manor. A breather here and jelly babies.

Then it was off to the Tetbury Avening Road and down the path, past a mansion, to a small side road, we then turned left and clambered up the hill towards Barton End. Soon we connected with that super bridlepath to Avening, this was the trickiest we have ever ridden it, totally overgrown, couldn't see where you were going at all.

We turned left at the bottom, and climbed, stopping to watch the mountain mayhem on the opposite hill in Gatcombe Park, it looked hard work. So then it was on through the Farm, then the woods, up to the top bridlepaths, then returning to Tipputts for some super beer and nosh. The landlord is a nice bloke.

This was Jonquil's last ride prior to her knee op.

Jq, Md, Ter, Scrat, fish, Mags, BaleLout, Crankie Ali, Ian, Cath


July 16th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Lets go for a wander with Alice in Wanderland

Ride from the Pheasant, Toddington, GL54 5DT.
Sat 16th 10.30-10.45 off.


July 23

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Techy bouncer from the Royal William, Cranham

with the single track master, Scrat.

It will be technical!


July 30

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Two cranks birds are sorting this un:

Lady alice and the crash test dummy:

The Lady do say:

Venue: Royal George, Birdlip, GL4 8JH

10.30 meet for 10.45 leave

She adds:


August 13th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Venue: Old Spot, Dursley
Time: 10.30 for 10.45
If the Spot Car Park is full then chuck your car in the Doctor's surgery.
Ride Ace Leader: Maddog


August 19, 20 & 21st


Peak District fun and frolics with EB and Rasher


Based at Grindsbrook Booth

Contact Ali if you wish to come along


August 27th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Scratters is exercising the Ferret on Saturday from:
The Royal William, Cranham
10.30 for 10.45.
Its the single track route that we did last time, its smashing.
So come along and chase the Ferret

Good preparation for the Ferrety Quantocks ride.

see ya


September 16, 17 & 18th


Exploring the Quantocks with Ferret and Bangkok


November 19th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

The Lamb, Eastscombe with Mags


November 26th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

Sparkling new biked Cabby would like to meet you all at the:
Black Horse, North Nibley,
GL11 6DT
next Saturday, November 26th
meet at 10.30am for 10.45 shove off.


December 10th

10.30 for 10.45 departure

The Scrat is doing a ride on December 10th
Venue: The Royal Oak, Andoversford GL54 4HR
Time 10.30 for 10.45 whizzoff.


December 16th

4pm for Mince Pies etc.

6pm ride starts

The Tinsel Trail with Ali and Mike

from Brampton Abbotts Village Hall, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7JD

If you want to go contact:


December 29th

10.30 for 10.45am leave

Belly Buster with MD and JQ

The Belly Buster will be from The Ram, Woodchester, Stroud GL5 5EQ on Dec 29th, 10.30 for 10.45.
The ride will be tailored to suit the abilities of those who turn up, so possibly it could be a straightforward ride with techy loops off, just depends on the day.


Other bashes around the country: